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  Jigoro Kano (1860--1938)
          Founder of Judo



      BJA Club no 1139

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The Judogi

Strongly made of cotton or similar material, in good condition.
The material must not be so thick, hard, or slippery as to prevent the opponent from taking a grip.
The jacket shall be long enough to cover the thighs and shall at a minimum reach to the fists when the arms are fully
extended downwards at the sides of the body.
The body of the jacket shall be worn with the left side crossed over the right and shall be
wide enough to have a minimum overlap of 20cm at the level of the bottom of the rib-cage.
The sleeves of the jacket must reach to the wrist joint at the maximum and 5cm above the
wrist joint at the minimum.
A space of 10 to 15cm shall exist between the sleeve and the arm (bandages
included), along the entire length of the sleeve.
The lapel and collar must be a maximum of 1cm in thickness and 5cm in width.
The trousers, free of any markings, (except Manufacturer's trade mark on bottom front of
left leg and contestant's name on upper front of the trousers), shall be long enough to
cover the legs and shall at the maximum reach the ankle joint and at the minimum 5cm
above the ankle joint.
A space of 10 to 15cm shall exist between the trouser leg and the leg (bandages included)
along the entire length of the trouser leg.
A strong belt, 4 to 5cm wide shall be worn over the jacket going twice around it at waist, and tied with a square knot with the
first loop inside the knot, tight enough to prevent the jacket from being too loose and long enough to leave 20 to 30cm
protruding from each side of the knot when tied.
Female contestants shall wear under the jacket either:
a plain white or off-white T-shirt, with short sleeves, rather strong, long enough to be worn inside the trousers, or
a plain white or off-white leotard with short sleeves.
If the Judogi of a contestant does not comply with these criteria, the Referee must order the contestant to change in the
shortest possible time, into a Judogi, which does.


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